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HS IB Economics/History Teacher


Starting date:  July 2018

The primary function of The International School of Panama Teacher is to facilitate the students learning process and create productive environments in which students can develop skills they might need at present or in the future.  He or she provides within the classroom learning opportunities for the students and assists in other school programs working harmoniously with the administrative staff and parents in support of the ISP Teaching Philosophy, school policy, regulations, objectives and goals.


We are a community of approximately 340 high school students (grades 9, 10, 11, and 12), fifty-plus faculty and staff members, and several hundred parents. Though a rigorous and engaging academic program sits at the core of the ISP high school experience – the arts, athletics, and service are also central to our program. The foundation that all of this is built upon is a shared belief that the most important thing that we do on this campus is take care of one another. 

We are very proud of the work, the learning, and the teaching we do together – and also quite humbled by the caliber of people we get to do it all with (on such a beautiful campus). We are all learning, growing, contributing, and finding (and fine-tuning) our passions in life. Students, faculty, and parents/families included.

The High School Faculty:

Our high school faculty is a mix of ISP founders and veterans who’ve been dedicated to ISP for 20 years, 25 years, or longer – along with many teachers who are relatively new to the school and bring experiences with them from all over the world. Our teaching staff is from the US, Canada, the UK/Europe, Panama, and other parts of Latin America


IB Economics is designed for motivated students with strong skills in analysis, quantification, evaluation, and social science. This course focuses on the sociological, governmental, and behavioral aspects of what it means to make decisions. It is not a business course. The goal of the course is to provide students with an understanding of how individuals, organizations, societies and nations address the problem of infinite wants and finite resources. Students will develop an ability to evaluate economic theories, concepts, situations and data objectively. Students will be trained to think like an economist. The 4 units cover Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, and Development. The IA is based on economic analysis of current events. HL students will be expected to complete an additional 90 hours covering the Theory of the Firm and other advanced topics such as the Phillips Curve, Marshall-Lerner Condition, as well as applying algebraic equations and calculations to economic information.


Support the ISP Teaching and Learning Philosophy by developing and teaching a curriculum that engages all learners in purposeful, connected and balanced work that cultivates 21st-century skills

Help ensure that all students achieve key learning outcomes for the grade level, targeting instruction thoughtfully to address individual needs

Build a robust learning atmosphere that leads students to value being at school and feel part of a challenging yet joyful and inclusive learning community


Collaborate intensively and daily with colleagues to continually improve student learning and school culture


Participate actively in ongoing, intensive professional learning


Student teaching, IB teacher training or equivalent experience with HS students

Deep dedication to learning and developing the craft of teaching

Highly effective collaboration, innovation and creativity

Very resourceful and adaptive, eager to embrace constant change, growth and learning  

A willingness to be flexible, and adaptable, and committed to the challenges of working in an international school

Organization, time management, and problem solving skills

A high degree of professionalism

Commitment to participating in the whole school experience including fostering joy as an authentic and important part of the learning process for students and staff



At least 5 years of experience in relevant subject area or grade level For HS Positions IB Teaching experience or IB training is desirable.


Bachelor or Master Degree in Education or Bachelor or Master Degree in relevant subject area with teaching experience as per above


High level of English proficiency


Cross cultural sensitivity and an international mindset


Previous experience in an international school is desirable

Application Process


Please visit our Human Resources portal to access our application platform.


Due to the number of inquiries we receive every day in a variety of formats, we request that you apply for a particular position using our own online application process.


Only in this way can we assure you that your application will be processed in a timely manner.

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